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I am Maja, an experienced professional photographer with a demonstrated history of working in photography industry.
Feel free to contact me if you need photography service.

These are photo services I provide:
• Wedding Photography
Run by an award-winning professional photographer this personalised wedding photography service is specifically tailored to meet each couple’s preferences that matches your plans and wishes perfectly.
• Portraiture
Individual Portraits / Couple Portraits / Family Portraits / Group Portraits (candid, posed, formal, environmental)
• Travel Photography
Providing imagery for the global tourism industry. Photographing destination hotels and resorts, tourist attractions, scenery, outdoor adventures, local events, cultures
• Photo Montage & Image Manipulation
Creative skillful artwork that blends pictures together involves using various methods and transforming a photograph. Using the creation of unique images I get art form to achieve desired results.
• Digital Photograph Restoration
If you have damaged photos, especially those that have a sentimental value for you, don’t worry, I will process the practice of restoring the appearance of your treasured photograph.